Property Management

Property Management

Kairos is a dedicated Property Management Company.  Our aim is to collaborate with management committees and directors to instill a proactive, prudent and frugal approach to the management of each individual development.  This requires careful planning and co-operation between all stakeholders which will be led by our experienced property managers.  Kairos offers a personal, hands on approach to property management and we will be diligent and meticulous in our approach to our clients needs and requirements.

Kairos management style will be professional and discreet and our ethos is to build and maintain positive relationships with our clients to ensure our common goals.  Ultimately we will endeavour to provide the highest quality service at the best possible price.

Kairos is committed to getting the best value for money in the market.  We are confident in dealing with contractors and suppliers and we will use our consderable negotiation skills to gain the most favourable terms.  We endeavour at every opportunity to reduce costs for management companies whilst retaining the same high quality service.

Kairos will ensure that all necessary Planned Preventative Maintenance contracts are in place and we will use our extensive experience to forecast and recognise impending issues to ensure that re-active management is kept to a minimum.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Establishment, implementation and enforcement of House Rules
  • Ensure that all payments will be approved and authorised by the appointed directors.
  • Collect service charges including arrears
  • Maintain proper books & records including preparation of accounts for yearly audit. We will at all times be honest, transparent and loyal in our dealings with the board and operate on an open book policy, whereby owners can inspect the accounts at any time
  • Provide the auditor with the necessary documentation for preparation of the annual report
  • Prepare draft service charge budgets including assessment of tenders for common areas
  • Maintain a register of company members
  • Liaise with the auditor in order to provide company secretarial services including filing annual returns to the CRO and any tax related matters
  • Consult with the company's advisors, including legal advisors
  • Respond to requisitions from vendors / solicitors / purchasers on re-sales
  • Obtain three insurance quotations and manage all insurance matters including claims pertaining to the common areas
  • Communicate regularly with the owners
  • Obtain three quotations from contractors e.g. landscaping, waste, repairs & maintenance etc and advise directors prior to arranging any work to be done.
  • Supervise common areas and services weekly. At each visit review and activate any remedial action needed in common areas including grounds, gardens, landscaping, pedestrian access, buildings exteriors bins and enclosures, parking areas and breaches of house rules. We will bring to your attention and discuss any necessary on-going works that may be required to keep your complex in good working order
  • Advise the board of directors on the appropriate house rules and circulate updated rules annually.  We will address house rule breaches by post, phone and personal visit to remediate, failing which agent will advise board which will decide appropriate further action
  • Provide a 24 hour by 365 day emergency response service to address all emergencies affecting common areas/common services only; items to include –
    • water leaks
    • electrical faults to lighting/ essential services
    • security hazards
    • roof storm damage/defects
    • flooding/water ingress glass repairs (front doors and windows) and alarm activation to the extent of owner/occupiers contact
    • information available (re: emergency contacts)